Aspen to Denver

I just finished a shoot for Architectural Digest in Aspen. I was working with Michael Reynolds, whom I have known “forever”, dating back to my days as a photo assistant. I have always known, that apart from being a great stylist/designer/editor, he can be hilariously funny, but this time around I actually learned that he has done some incredible things in his personal life.

Coincidentally one of my all-time favorite photographers, Francois Halard, was shooting in Aspen at the same time, and we were able to enjoy a dinner together. In particularly odd seemed the fact that he had arrived in Aspen straight from his first trip to Dubai, where I will be going this Friday, also for the first time.

On the day of our return to New York this past Sunday, we were surprised at the airport with the news that they were shutting down and cancelling all flights due to strong winds. Waiting that one out wasn’t an option for any of us, so we kept our rental car and went for a (beautiful) 4hr drive to the Denver airport instead. When it was all said and done, landing past midnight in Newark, getting a car to drive me to my car parked at Laguardia, I was finally in my own bed Monday morning at 3am. While I logged this as just one more “business as usual” experience, it did remind me of those funny charts about “What people think I do” or “How photographers actually spend their time“, as I can tell from channeling most people’s thought bubbles, that their firm belief is, those rings under my eyes must clearly be a result from too many “Après-ski cocktails” and heavy dancing in Aspen.


Drive from Aspen to Denver airport