Daniel Libeskind: 18.36.54 house, Connecticut

As I need to bridge an enormous gap between my last post and NOW, may as well start with what is most current: This morning, designboom (according to their own description “the first and largest independent publication dedicated to architecture and design”) ran a very image rich article on the only private residence ever built by Daniel Libeskind.

Pretty much exactly two years ago, some fortunate circumstances led me to first meet one the owners in New York, then Daniel and his wife at the site and subsequently I was given the opportunity to photograph the house over the course of two days. Goal was to create a set of photographs for the owner’s records as well as for Studio Libeskind, and since then several of the images have appeared in some print magazines. Today’s article however showcases more images overall, including some that had not been published previously.

You can see the article here: